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Do you do custom work?

Yes, I do, but please tell me your ideas before making an order, often clients give me an unrealistic trademarked idea that I will not fulfill. I prefer to do the pre-made designs so I can work at my own pace in the niches that I find that are good. I will not produce crazy complex designs (Like an image of Trump riding a unicorn with a beer in is hand) this requires too much time and illustration, work like this will be at least $200 each. This is the gig for custom work, this costs more money than my previous designs: https://www.fiverr.com/pebble85/so-keywords-and-custom-merch-by-amazon-designs

Why don’t you just upload these designs and sell them yourself?

I have limitations with the tiers, like everyone else. I prefer to proactive and make some extra money for me and other sellers, there are millions of niches out there to know to do with so I don’t need to be selfish with my process.

Do you ever re-sell my designs?

Nope, after completion, I delete from my folder so it does not contaminate my stock

was wondering what are the average sales your 100$ gig brings in through amazon merch. I know you can’t guarantee anything, but on average, how have your clients been doing?

I will not guarantee everything, sometimes clients get jackpot designs and sometimes they get sporadic sales and sometimes it can be nothing. This is the same for every seller in any business industry, you just don’t know what will sell or not. Often your least fav design is the best seller, it’s a crazy business model. What I will guarantee is, that these will be researched designs and have a thought process behind my work which will give you a better chance of sales compared my competition that are copying my gigs.

I had a rejection from your work

Do not fear, rejections happen to the best of us, your account needs a LOT of rejections before a suspension, please send me a screenshot of the e-mail of why Amazon will send it. If it is my fault, it will be replaced no questions asked, if it is your fault, I will try to guide you to what you need to change to the best of my ability.

Why don’t you use the same brand name in all of my shirts?

It’s not a good idea, if someone stumbled across your brand, they can find all of your best shirts under one umbrella location. In my experience, it is best to use relevant keywords in the brand to help with SEO.

If they don’t sell, can I get my money back?

No, business doesn’t work like that. If I order healthy food from a supermarket, I will not be able to get a refund if I don’t have a 6 pack within 5 days. As business owners, you must assess the risk, scared money doesn’t make money and the risk cannot be put onto the supplier like that. Amazon is a slow process and for a new shirt to be seen and indexed onto the Amazon marketplace is at LEAST 3 three weeks, if you do not accept this fact, then please do not make an order with me. 🙂 – If you have a jackpot design that makes you $1000 per day, it is unfair to me as the supplier to demand that design back to me so I can reap the profits. So I expect the same mutual respect that goes both ways 🙂

How many shirts do you need to make an income?

I would say 1000 will give you a considerable income. So consider investing in my ebook hack to get to tier 500 within a few weeks:

Can I receive additional help after work from you?

Yes, I will be your mentor, all I ask is if you go through my video course before you throw a bunch of questions at me that have already been answered on the course. We are in this together.

Can I see some samples?

Sure, but I will not be showing you my selling designs, I am not stupid lol. Here are some from my personal account:

March 16, 2018