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Are You Too busy?
Perhaps you’d prefer to spend more time with family, friends or your full-time job makes it troublesome to keep on top of your daily submissions. We take care of this all for you  Let us take care of the hard work, all you have to, is to just fund the service and upload to the marketplace and wait for sales. We have a team that eats, sleep and breathes merch by Amazon so your account is safe. You just need to upload and copy and paste. Finished!

Let us handle all the expenses!
To be successful in this business model, you need to have a bunch of expenses that will allow you to progress. Expensive design software, monthly stock image subscriptions, MerchInformer research software, high-quality commercial-use fonts… We take on all this expense as part of our service to you, so you do not have to. You just upload our designs and if they sell, you keep all the profit. We also do not have a subscription to use our service. You just pay as you go.

Why are we different?
Would you prefer your research done by graphic designers or expert Merch By Amazon seller graphic designers? We know the system, we know how to keep your account safe, we provide data for our research to you so that you know we are not giving you random designs that never have been proven or validated on the marketplace. We do not duplicate dozens of variations of the same design, we design one at a time then delete from our system and go back to the drawing board for new research.

In this business model, we find that simple designs lead to more sales… This is a win/win for everybody because this keeps the rates low and we do not have to charge you $300 for one design.

Merchcomplete.com is proud of their process because:

  • We know how the Best Seller Ranks work for research and provide proof using MerchInformer software
  • We know how to check for trademarks to keep your account safe
  • We know to focus on passionate profitable niches
  • We know how to write safe optimized listings
  • We know to not just blatantly copy existing designs, we try to make them unique
  • We delete your completed work from our system so we do not let it contaminate our inventory, so there will be no issue of similar designs
  • We are Merch By Amazon sellers ourselves so we are up-to-date with Amazon’s TOS

Our work is versatile. You can upload them to other Print On Demand services such as Redbubble, Etsy, Teepublic, Spreadshirt, Sunfrog and many more. These other websites will supplement your income hopefully

To keep us safe, we would like to add a disclaimer that we do not offer refunds, we will not offer guarantees of sales when work is completed, the success or failures are your responsibility.

Want to know how the business model works? Grab our free video course (Worth $27) that will put you on the right path.


Step 1 – Decide what type of designs (researched, scaled, custom)
Step 2 – Add to cart and pay for your package
Step 3 – Next day or 2 you will receive a preview video of our inventory
Step 4 – Select the designs you like
Step 5 – Next day (or same day) you will receive selected designs with a document with correlating optimized keywords and research data
Step 6 – Upload, & copy paste to your account (disclaimer) we recommend to double check for trademarks)
Step 7 – Watch your profits grow!
Step 8 – Refer a friend to our service to receive additional profits


“…The communication is fantastic, the designs do sell and I would say that 75/80% of the designs that I have uploaded are already sold, and he has helped me immensely to leave tiers 10/25. So I can not recommend it enough, if you are on the fence, just go ahead and buy it, you won’t regret it” – Eduardo from Geneva

  • Still unsure? Order a free sample from us and let us prove you wrong.
  • Check out a genuine testimonial from one of our happy customers:
  • Select your package for optimized pre-made– designs now. The more you buy, the cheaper it gets

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